Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program

The CRC Program is an Australian government initiative started in 1990 that supports industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers and the community. CRCs are a successful model for linking researchers with industry to focus on research and development towards practical application and commercialisation.

Industry Participants Information

The CRC is currently seeking participant involvement from industry partners, industry bodies and Government departments. Participants that have not already registered their interest will be contacted by the CRC Bid Committee and asked about how the AMR CRC can best benefit their organisation, their industry and Australia. Organisations are welcome to attend the information sessions or request a face-to-face or videoconference meeting to discuss this opportunity. Interested organisations will be asked to sign a Stage 1 Expression of Interest.

Research Provider Information

The CRC invites enquiries from research providers that want to be involved with the CRC. As with the Industry Participants, researchers are welcome to attend the Information Sessions and to directly contact the CRC for further information. The CRC will expect that the research providers sign a Stage 1 Expression of Interest.

CRC Contributions

There is no standard contribution requirement for Participants, with the contribution levels usually dependent upon the individual Participant and the amount of benefit they expect to derive from the CRC. Although contributions can consist of cash and in‐kind resources, the more cash committed by our Participants will increase the competitiveness of the CRC bid and the amount of Commonwealth funding secured.

Intellectual Property

The CRC team are currently exploring both Centre IP and Project IP models. The IP model will be finalised after discussions with the various stakeholders.


The AMR CRC will be seeking a 7 to 10 year term with the final quantum of funding to be determined closer to submission.

Bid Timeline

The bid will be submitted in the Round 21 call, which is likely to be early July 2019.